Now that you have seen what the originators of CrossFit believe they have created and I do think this is a great video showing what CrossFit is to thousands of people. Let me explain how I believe CrossFit FlyOver can help lead you to a fitter, healthier and happier life.

The video doesn’t show how CrossFit is  INFINITELY SCALABLE, meaning someone looking to start a fitness regiment and a well trained athlete can do the same work out.

For example, my mom and I did the same work out the other day in the garage…

15 minutes of as many rounds as possible of:
3 pull ups
6 push ups
12 squats

My mom did jumping pull ups, I did chest to bar pull ups.   My mom did push ups from her knees to an altered depth, I did them from my toes.  We did the same squats.

Different range of motion, same work out, and both of us worked our bodies to our individual capacity.  This is just one of an infinite number of ways to adjust a workout to fit the participant.

CrossFit is for EVERYONE looking to improve their fitness in an holistic and efficient way.  It’s no good to be able to run a marathon but not be able to reach down to tie your shoe or pick up your kids but not be able to chase them around the yard.

CrossFit can make you fast and strong,  flexible and coordinated, powerful and graceful, quick and balanced.  In other words, CrossFit can make everyday life easier to manage.  It can make you better at your favorite sport or recreation.  In other words you will be working out to live not living to work out (unless you want to!)

Finally, CrossFit will always give you another goal, another ideal to reach for.  The pursuit of fitness is a life long journey and should be enjoyed along the way.


Here is more about what CrossFit is.  This article was written by an inspiring athlete and coach, Chris Spealler.   Training CrossFit vs CrossFit as a Sport

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